MX AGRO PVT LTD ({Yummy4u} )

{Yummy4u} is one of the emerging online store to purchase egg, chicken and meat. The items we provide are chemical free and as natural as it should be so you can have the best possible food on the table. The items are prepared through best practises there are no antibiotics, no hormones and no preservatives. Unlike local vendors you can be sure that the food on your table is from healthy animals and rich in proteins and vitamins.

We guarantee of same day stock delivery through our highly efficient delivery process. You don’t need to go out searching for reliable local vendor to get fresh and healthy food for you and your family, you get do it setting in home or office just by going on to {portal name} and order the items you need and that’s it the item will be delivered on your door step. You can subscribe to get news related to latest sales, offers and hot items etc.

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